Connecting Worlds

The KinShip is a Wellington based consultancy dedicated to connecting the potential of science with the real needs of the world. We gather together around client needs and wild ideas to create workshops, publications, training programmes, events and shows. We use storytelling and other creative tools to train scientists in communication and help them connect with business and other communities.

The KinShip connects Science

with the human side of the equation

Our mission is to connect the huge potential of science with the real needs and opportunities in the world. We do this by training scientists and other specialists in effective, targeted communication – giving them the skills, confidence and opportunities to step out of their comfort zones and engage with the world. We focus on building genuine, long-lasting relationships across sectors and disciplines. The result is a network of knowledge, skills and ideas – the perfect environment for innovation to flourish.

We help you communicate the complex stuff

and to connect, inspire and excite your audiences

The complicated scientist

The language of the scientist can be an extraordinary dance of techno-jargon, signifying to its listeners that they have obtained great understanding in their specialized field.

But what is the scientist really saying?

A highly intelligent creature, the scientist has developed  incredible thinking abilities and complex understanding of the intricacies of nature. This has resulted in an extraordinary array of discoveries and inventions – from the common keyboard to distant galaxies. These marvelous abilities, while essential, have resulted in a perplexing conundrum; the deeper the scientist delves into his or her specialist field, the higher their tendency to become disassociated from other disciplines. This greatly impacts their ability to form partnering relationships in business and excite or inspire potential funders and supporters.

However,  remarkable relationships can form when the scientist develops new techniques of language and approach. Confidence can improve, as can their ability to impart knowledge and catalyse exciting opportunities. It is as if the scientist, once cocooned in his or her scientific practice, undergoes a type of metamorphosis and transforms into a beautiful exemplar of possibility with a set of highly customized, tailored wings. Equipping the scientist with the right techniques, confidence and connections enables them unparalleled exploration of purpose, innovation and mastery over their future. It is quite simply, a beautiful sight to behold.  

See how we can help

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Engaging science

Bringing scientists, business, industry, humanities and the general public together.

Inspiring People

Through workshops, science storytelling, public events and creative communication.

Spurring real life opportunities

Taking science out of the labs and into new fields and cross sector collaborations