Our Purpose

Enable Science

Science is often siloed and estranged from the real world.
Endless possibilities arise when we begin to break down the barriers. We believe that by helping people develop their skills, vision and understanding of how to contextualise science, we enable them to become great and powerful advocates. The opportunities for science are abundant when we cross the divides and work together. We enable science by bringing out the best in people, and bringing people together across disciplines, organisations and cultures

Inspire People

Science is an everyday part of our lives – but understanding and appreciating it is usually reserved to those in ‘lab coats’. However, we as scientists can elicit in others the ability to experience the wonder and awe of science. We can inspire, motivate and educate. We can move audiences to act, to become involved in, to incorporate scientific knowledge into their decisions and actions.

Catalyse Opportunity

We specialise in creating fruitful and meaningful connections between science and other sectors like business, government, education and creative industries.  Our programmes equip participants with career opportunities, funding, new skills and collaborative projects.

Our Mission

To Inspire

the next generation of

scientists and engineers

to be at the helm of


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