From various KinShip workshops and activities

Sir Paul Callaghan

The Late Great Kiwi Scientist and Science Communicator

“Tell Us a Story is a great project. In a modern world saturated with electronic media, nothing resonates quite so much as the personal narrative of a storyteller. In science, this narrative has a special role, because what we do so often seems mysterious to those outside our profession. Telling stories, simply and clearly, is the means by which we connect science with humanity.

Don Eigler

Don Eigler

IMB Fellow and Pioneer of Nanotechnology – the first human to control the movement of single atoms

“It requires a special gift of communication skills and a clarity of purpose to bridge the chasm of cultures between science and the humanities. Too few people have this rare combination, but among those that do, you will find Elizabeth Connor.”

Regional Council Employee

Attending the 2015 Regional Council Workshop Series supported by the Ministry for the Environment

“I attended your communications training course in Nelson yesterday. It was probably the best course I’ve ever been on, and the resource book and cards are great too – both will be well-thumbed before too long! I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend, thank you. My colleague attended today. We both think that all staff at our Council could do with this kind of training – it should be compulsory for everyone to attend!

Kristiann Allen

The Prime Minister’s Adviser’s Office Speaking about the International Science Advice Report, authored by Elizabeth  

“Elizabeth Connor is a rare find.  As a communicator and accomplished writer, she is uniquely skilled in capturing, distilling and packaging key messages, but also in listening for and drawing out important nuances that might otherwise be missed.

Working with Elizabeth to plan and execute reporting for a major international conference, it quickly became clear that her contribution is so much more than an end product.  Elizabeth adds considerable value through her thorough planning and engagement process that helped to structure our thinking about how to establish, guide and finally capture good collaborative dialogue throughout our event.”

Audience Members

at “Tell Us a Story” a musical, science storytelling show featuring postgraduate scientists and engineers at Victoria University of Wellington

“I would like to add my voice to what I am sure is a chorus of people encouraging you to continue the “Tell us a Story” event in the coming years. As a scientist, I am constantly made aware of how critical successful communication is to successful science. Tell us a Story provides a rare opportunity to nurture this skill in young scientists.”

“I was engaged emotionally and intellectually the whole time. And I liked the creative, improvisational way you wove the talks together.”

“You could sell this to the Education Dept for a small mint, and tour NZ (if not the world!) with it for the rest of your lives … Schools would love it; science would rapidly lose its ‘boring’ tag.”

“Could this sort of combined “ left brain; right brain” approach be the catalyst for revitalizing school kids interest in the sciences, maths and other “tough” subjects.”

“I was blown away with what I saw. The word is talent. It’s the sort of thing that used to come from the drama clubs in places like Oxford. Like Monty Python.”

Paul Mensink

Winning participant Tell Us a Story

“The Tell Us a Story competition was an absolutely invaluable experience. As post-graduates, we understand how important it is to gain exposure both within our own schools and to potential employers or supervisors.  Winning the competition generated a lot of great publicity for my research including a feature on National Radio, articles in the university’s newsletter and alumni magazine.  This coverage created more speaking opportunities at events such as the Blue Wellington members meeting and the upcoming Year of the Coast talk series presented by the Wellington City Council.

Darcy Webber

PhD Participant 9 Scientists and an Architect

Thanks to your encouragement to invite someone to our final event I have been offered a 3 year stock assessment contract…. This will set me up for my career. It’s my dream job. Pretty cool!

Peter Helms

former Director of the BlueFern Supercomputing Facility

Elizabeth made researchers feel confident and uplifted as she guided them through telling their story in a clear coherent and compelling manner. I observed this on a number of occasions and across groups of people. The evidence is manifestly apparent in the BlueFern Case Study and Vision for Collaborative High Performance Computing and E-Research in New Zealand. Watching Elizabeth’s listening skills is instructional to anyone who wants to improve communications. ”

Namir Amso

IPENZ Representative Speaking about Eureka

“It was such a nice welcome by Elizabeth and the AUT officials. Elizabeth’s presentation was very concise and practical… I was amazed by the enthusiasm of the attendees and their interest to participate in this workshop and the competition afterwards.